It’s a start…..

Ive been contemplating doing this for a while, I write a regular blog about reborn dolls & thought I’d give other subjects ago not to really achieve anything as such but to get it all out & maybe relate to some other people that have had similar experiences. 


So to start, this is me & my family. Iam 32years old & a mother of four, 2 boys 2 girls. Your probably wondering why there’s only 1 girl in the photo & shadow of another.

Well my second daughter is no longer with us, her name is Hollie & we lost her in 2012 you will hear lots about her as I write but to sybolise her I add her in to family photos as that’s all I can do & makes me feel comfort.

I have an ongoing problem with metal health, understandably it’s taken a different path since Hollie with added social anxiety which changes daily.

This blog will be treated as a dairy to get everything out which helps a lot, to show people if you’re going through this too it’s ok we are together, yes bad days are common & allowed! & how I fit in my family giving them the best I can without it effecting them too.

I Am on my good days a happy person who’s grateful for what I have, I’m scarcastic, like to make people laugh & hide behind this a lot, I’m a super fan of Green Day, my favourite colour is purple, I love animals & love the word Legendary! 

My children come before anything it’s that simple, they are happy,health, doing well at school, their clubs & are developing into beautiful, clever little humans that I’m proud of!

I have been with my husband for almost 7yrs & were great friends before that, our relationship has certainly been tested through recent years going through more than the average marriage but we are doing it together & have the best times still, we survived! 

So that’s me 

Get ready for a roller coaster of laughs, pain, anger, tears, funny faces, complaining (as I’m a woman) & knowing all about me!! 

Natalie 🌸