Back to school

With my youngest starting school full time in September we have been preparing for the change, mainly for Logan & I.

For myself, it’s very big as I shared in a previous post not only emotionally but I’ve not been on my own properly for the last 14yrs, as one heads off to school another bundle of joy is placed in my arms & that was my future set for the next few years.

Now that chapter of my life is complete I’ve found myself not only feeling slightly redundant but questioning, what shall I do? Everyone’s been saying to me ‘You can be you again’, well who is me? I haven’t been me in so long I don’t know who that is anymore & she certainly has no link with the world now as its carried on while I’ve been in this ‘Mum bubble’.

My first thought along with most others is to get a job to finally contribute financially towards the family home & living costs. But anyone who’s tried this knows there are not many places that will take you on during school hours only, half terms & summer hols off & can call in sick that morning if one of the children decide to pull a sicky as they have p.e, or decide to eat a shoelace because ‘They saw it on YouTube & it looks cool!’ At a push a local school may be the best option after all I have years of experience however,  it’s shocking that I don’t want to be surrounded by children all day! If by the way you are a lucky one who found a job you love with the above then love your boss & a huge hand clap from me! That is gold dust!

My trail of thought then went to how else I can help, my husband works long days coming home daily no sooner than 9pm, I’ve watched the struggles, the moods, his exhaustion & see his determination just so we can pay the bills, I’ve offered help with building him online advertising, designing company pages & logo, sorting admin duties & suggested I work along side him doing the running around, helping with awkward customers, I can even do tiling & while he agreed it’s never been something he’s mentioned since so this tells me he’s not so keen for what ever reasons.

I thought I could take a course in business which may help ours grow & I can do more but after reading the course description it was all stuff I already knew & do well, it would be a waste of time & money so my eyes wondered to other courses on offer, of course I stopped at animal care. 

If you’ve been reading all my posts you will be well aware that my dream career would be with animals, since I was little I wanted to care for them. I checked our local colleges but their course hours didn’t match my days & we don’t have childcare, so my next option was from home. Now the last time I investigated this route it was non existent, however I found a course I can happily do from home around being a Mum, then future courses I will do I can get a placement at college/ veterinary practise for practical stuff while still doing my studies & course work from home. As the children get older I can be away from home more doing more in a placement eventually going in to employment as a Veterinary Assisstant.

I’m at the beginning of a very long road but it’s one I have wanted to be on for so long, my heart wouldn’t fully be in anything else, I wouldn’t enjoy working in a shop or restaurant so I wouldn’t put effort in to something I don’t like that I know I’m capable of.  I want to give my kids a future, see parts of the world & buy a house so this is for us.

A month into my course of Level 3 Veterinary Nursing Assisstant I have learnt so much already, I’m enjoying it & its also that scary but excited feeling you get, it’s been a while for me since writing essays along with new ways that I’m learning too & im sure there will be afew out there that doubt I can do this as that’s been beside me through most of my life but only gives me the motivation to prove them wrong! I am more than just being a modern day Cinderella, I am more than just a Mum, I am Me too, I am Natalie Inkpin & I’m on my way!! 

I want a life not just to survive! 

Natalie 🐰


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