Crafty me

I was advised last year that I need to get a hobby, something that was for me that I didn’t have to be Mum & Wife for, my instant thought was ‘are you serious’? This person fully aware of my life recommended I add to my stresses by doing more! Great one, what else could I possibly do? I do everything as it is & my horses are sort of a hobby not that I  had time for the enjoyment much. For my own sanity it was something I had to do to get out of that boring daily circle, it took me about a week to figure something out but it was staring me right in the face!

I’ve always been good at making things, art & drawing I’m not one that I imagine sitting in an office not very well anyway I need to create! I would sit for hours when I was younger drawing many things & now I incorporate my creativity in to my surrounds, mainly in my house or down the yard or my car. With a handy hubby who owns lots of tools, I pick up things he does on the house, join in then steal his tools to make things out of spare wood & anything else I can find adding my personal touches with emblems from my craft box. 

So I knew my new hobby would have to be along the same sort of thing, I really have no idea what else I’d be good at although I’m willing to try new things.

I decided on crochet, it’s always been an interest,  I would knit a ‘scarf’ with my Nan when I was little & she managed to teach me how to crochet a basic granny square but I wanted a beautiful lace style throw for my bed, these however were pricey & knowing what I do now I’m not surprised! So I decided sod it im going to make one.

I bought a basic crochet kit consisting of various size hooks, some yarn, scissors armed with You Tube I began.

Within an hour I had made my first flower, watching carefully taking everything in, different stitches, when to loop, my brain just sponged it up like I had been doing it forever. 

The next day I moved on to the granny squares with details, patterns & boarders & by the following week I was on to Amigurumi animals & turned to written patterns & learning all the abbreviations.

Time was issue!! Not having enough time to do more, once you start something you want to sit there until it’s finished, it’s addictive & so rewarding knowing I’ve pretty much taught myself to do this, I would fit in most of my crochet making in the evenings after the kids settled in bed to help me focus on that instead of other issues. 

I now have an endless list of things I’m going to make, boxes & bags everywhere full of every single colour yarn as you can never have enough, note book with patterns of flowers I’ve made that anyone looking at would think I was foreign, I have a c2c blanket I’m currently making along with smaller projects I do between it for myself or I make for friends & family as gifts & I get frustrated if I haven’t had a hook in my hand for two days!! Lol 

These are afew photos of what I’ve created in just the 9 months of doing this & im very much looking forward to lots more!

Natalie 🎨


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