Living with a Tween!! 

As you’re all probably aware my eldest is 12 years old, up until now parenting has been well, hard! & now it’s erm well still hard but a different kind. 

Those of you with serval children will be aware of all the different styles, ways & survival tips of not only bringing them up but how different everything you try works with one but may not the other so when you think you’ve nailed it child number two decides to drag you through hell to tell you otherwise while child three is sat there laughing! 

I’ve been warned for many years about this next chapter which is just around the corner for Kieran & as a Tween (pre teen) we are getting a fine taster of things to come! I’m pretty sure this is the part my parents were referring to when they would whisper “Just you wait” followed by a grin when we were struggling with the toddler stage. 

The only experience I have is what I did or got up to so I’m pretty much screwed, I didn’t treat my parents with much respect, shouted at them, ate all the food as it was bought, skipped school, told them I was sleeping over a friends but really walking the streets with our bottles of Strong Bow, thinking back I’m not even sure why I mean walking around the same area every time, that’s boring! 

So this doesn’t give me much hope as this brings me on to recent events we’ve been having with our Tween.

Im hated!! Utterly end of the world hated because im making him take sandwiches to school, because I stopped the friend visits after school as no homework has been done this year & the school are lecturing me! (Despite all the cooking, washing, picking up, making sure they have clothes etc I do)

“For god’s sake!” Is the only reply I’ve received since the beginning of the year, unless a phone or tablet is in use then this reply becomes “uurrgg” followed occasionally with a head bob. 

I can’t remember the colour of his eyes as I haven’t seen them in so long, the top of his head however is looking messy & greasy! 

There is now a favourite item of clothing in the form of a rather large grey hoodie that apparently goes with everything even food & it’s one of those items that wash itself seeing as the poor thing hasn’t been allowed to visit the washing machine since purchased before Christmas 2015! 

He has grown a mobile phone on the end of his right hand, this can be detached once asleep. 

All those words that he learnt as a toddler & were in use all of his life suddenly left & he is now restricted to around a 20 word vocabulary. 

The shower doesn’t exist.

They never have homework….apparently. 

Belongings like to get shared throughout the family home being left in various locations for you to trip over, sit on or just generally take up all the room, these don’t ever get returned to owners room….ever!

Then we have the attitude, wow I mean really if it was someone else my response would be very different! Calling to find out when he would be home as he’s late so rejecting Mum’s calls is obviously the best thing to do but just to make sure I’ll finish off with a tx “What’s up, can’t talk im busy” oh hell no you didn’t! Busy is when you’re trying to drive with two other children fighting & your planning dinner & finding out where the pain in the ass is! 

Attitude of I’m gonna shout how much I’m not gonna do what your asking then sit in front of you with fingers in ears & state “I’m not listening to you!” Seriously, you wanna go down that road?! 

When asked why lunch wasn’t eaten at school today & brought back home but can happily munch on a chocolate bar, “Really, oh I’m sure I ate it, yeah I did…I think”, erm not so much!

So this Tween stage is a just a taster of things to come? Surely we are there already, this isn’t something that can happen daily for the next 5,6,7 years is it? 


Damn, I was such a pain in the ass!  (Apologies to all I crossed paths with at 12-17yrs old)

Natalie 🏅


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