Fun in the Forest.

Today Im going to share our family weekend fun we had in The New Forest in Hampshire, we combined our love for Geocaching with entertaining the kids on a cheep budget so this was perfect.

I spent a lot of my own childhood camping in The New Forest at Denny Wood not far from Lyndhurst so that was definitely on the list. 

We started off with a short afternoon walk in the sun on Saturday afternoon grabbing afew caches along the way, it’s amazing what beautiful locations we find while on our travels that we didn’t even know where round the corner. We managed to do 3 miles before time was against us & had to get back to normal life & get some food. 



As we didn’t get too much covered we planned a longer walk for Sunday.

We headed straight for Denny Wood Sunday morning & found a cache of the same name, in the description the owner explained their love of the area too which was nice to share, we began walking & 2 hours later, it felt like we had walked the whole forest not just afew miles but we finally found it then moved on to some others where we found some beautiful land just before sunset with a heard of Deer & their babies grazing with the ponies, photos didn’t show a fraction of how beautiful & peaceful this was, we sat on a wooden bridge watching them for a while before heading back to the car to return home again very late but after a brilliant weekend. 



The New Forest has got to be one of my favourite places to be, I’ve spent so much time there, nothing really changes, everything is natural with little interference from ‘us’.

Looking forward to more days out here over the summer, there is no better feeling than loading the car with kids, food & petrol, heading out to the open with minimal interaction from humans. 

Natalie 🌼


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