It’s been a while since our last family holiday, Logan wasn’t very old & still in a travel cot & needing everything including the kitchen sink!

We use to do the Sun holidays twice a year at least, family time is very important to us so I book them as we returned from one! However since the new rules about taking children out of school & facing a fine we haven’t chanced it so we’ve had to wait this long to get a booking in half term.

I booked Newquay last year for the Easter hols, as it was starting to near I changed to my normal panic moaning mode & started organising care for our animals, lists, packing, cleaning the car, new tires while my family carried on a normal, clearly  I’m the only one that can do these tasks!

So the car is packed to the point of bursting, plenty of food, house locked we can go!! The dreaded 4hr drive with 3 children, what have I done? Why did I not get something closer? We had done the drive before but with only two at the time which wasn’t so bad & they mostly slept, this time not one child did! 

We hadn’t been on the road long & yep you guessed it the questions about how long & ‘Are we there yet?’ started even though it was explained to all before we left, the day before, the week before & the week before that, silly me to think that would be enough! 

Once we arrived after a lengthy drive with stop off for more food (what we had wasn’t enough either) we got given our accommodation for the week….and relax! Bliss, everything was quiet, we had a whole week together, no work, no school, just fun!! 

We began unpacking to get some sleep ready for adventures early the next day, or that was the plan!

Logan had other ideas, he didn’t want to sleep in the bed he was given or any bed for that matter or away from me! So by 3am I gave up & we fell asleep together in original bed given. 

Next morning with such a rough night we or should I say me couldn’t be arsed to move to be honest not only had I been up most of the night but had also had a rough previous four nights sleep stressing about getting here in the first place, we carried on with original plans regardless to take Logan to a dinosaur park as he loves them with a passion. We had a good exhausting day, left there late so thought yep this is it he will sleep tonight &  he did! He developed a great fondness for his new ‘holiday bed’ & slept all night every night. Us however being given a hard double when you have the biggest, softest bed complete with memory foam at home where your feet don’t hang over the edge didn’t sleep for the whole damn week!!! 



This was going on to be the most exhausting holiday I have ever experienced, the moods were getting bigger along with the bags under our eyes, we did afew days out but tired so quickly it wasn’t being enjoyed as well as our past ones, surely we deserved this well awaited break?! 

One our last day we had put off going to the Eden Project til now as we thought it was just about plants despite it being on our bucket list for afew years we thought sod it lets just go!

We had the best day out!! This isn’t what we expected at all, it was fun, the kids loved it, we loved it, it was what we had been wanting all week, finally some smiling faces just a shame it was on the last day.


 The drive home was awful we got stuck in traffic, again the kids didn’t sleep it off at all, I developed what can only be described as hell in my head with the worst migraine of my life so much so that I was sick when we walked in the door at 10pm.

On a positive we did mange to pop by Mevagissey for afew minutes, I use to have holidays there as a child & it was very overwhelming to return & see all my memories again, everything was exactly the same.

Looking back it wasn’t all the bad we still achieved what we set out to, spending time together, that’s all we really wanted, everything in between is a bonus. 

And in true me style I booked another the day after we came back for July, so more adventures from us to come. 

Natalie 🏄🏽


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