Family Life. 

Wow!! How long has it been since my last post?! I didn’t realise how bad I’ve got recently, yes I’m gonna use that word again BUSY! I don’t seem to stop & suddenly afew months have pasted. 

So what have we been up to? This is exciting part, are you ready?…..fuck all!! No really, my days are filled with the same thing I was doing afew months ago, the weather has changed slightly so we’ve moved our attention to sorting outside the house rather than in but that’s pretty much all that’s changed, I know I was shocked to, so much fun ay?! 


In all seriousness it’s been a little fun as the space in the garden is slowly coming back from the depths of a dumping ground it was used for so long as, looking nice with brightly coloured flowers again, it makes me smile to see the kids running around it again, laughing & us all getting involved together as a family to achieve this, we’ve stayed up half the night some weekends to get things done while the kids are in bed spreading grass seed on our patchy lawn with a flood light, God knows what the neighbours think of us especially when I start hoovering my decking!! I managed to spend a lot of time resorting an old brown painters ladder which included sanding, re painting, new hinges, distressed & coated for protection to a beautiful white shabby flower stand, I’m quite pleased for my first proper attempt at a garden piece I’ve done some indoor furniture but never something to go through the elements so it needed extra protection. Our proud moment came when it was time to empty our 12ft pool that has been left untouched since last year, after removing the top layer of fallen leaves it was confirmed that it wasn’t just looking black it was in actual fact just that black! During the emptying process we quickly realised we had a whole new echo system growing within our pool, every bug known to man I think had decided to set up home with us & bring their kids, they chose us, I’m delighted however it was time to be evicted!! This took all day to clean but was worth it.


Next step is to partly cover the back garden in some artificial grass as we had major problems maintaining a good lawn in the front it’s put us off for life doing the same in the back but we still want some green! We are almost there!


Other events that haven’t been blogged over the months are the endless birthdays literally one sometimes three in a week since January including my own which was a complete flop as usual, the husband used the excuse of ‘Babe I’m really struggling with ideas to get you’ He moans 8pm the night before!!! Excellent, well there’s not much you can do now is there! Least it was a different reason from last year I guess. Logan was also very poorly so we both were sleep deprived, covered in sick & generally not in the mood. We luckily now have afew months break from the birthdays.

We had a family holiday to Newquay which will be in another post.

Logan has been well with school continuing to enjoy time with his friends, play & grow, I’m hoping to change a day of his hours soon allowing him to go during a normal school day so that I do something more productive with my time rather than having a quick fart before another school run! Plans include more riding as that’s what us horsey people do this time of year, doing a course in animal care from home & or a small job depending if I can find one for just one day (9.30-2.30) a week & they wont mind me not working if kids are sick & during the holidays….. I like my chances! 

So that’s hopefully gonna be life over the next few months, that’s pretty much what we’ve been up to & I’ll update as much as I can along the way with afew giggles, moans & abit of love. 
Natalie 🍃


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