A little break.

Today I have stopped for more than 10mins  & although it’s not been by choice I’m kinda glad as I need to, I’ve been doing a lot these last few weeks & I’ve got up today done the usual routine of the school run then up to the yard to muck out & my body had given up with a slight headache to top it off! 

So I’ve returned home to clean & spend time with my son who thinks making a mess is a far better idea. 


We’ve been hit with illness over the last few weeks aswel & it’s not wanting to shift from the house so that’s also slowed me down. 

So with this little bit of extra time I’ve managed abit of online shopping as you do with a cup of tea, I’ve bought afew extra Christmas presents I’m that little bit more close to finishing. 

This year I’ve decided to try the Elf idea, as my kids have been mega naughty lately if you haven’t heard of it I recommend looking it up on Google although I’ve not put it to work yet as you don’t til December 1st I really think it will help keep them in line for that last month. 

I’ve also made up a huge Christmas Eve box for all the kids which I’ll be adding more to over the weeks, they do come ready made but I’ve bought mine empty & adding my own things as I feel you get more that way, you can personalise & choose the contents,  this will be the first time trying this too I’m quiet excited myself to see their faces on the day. 


Well that’s break time over, back to life.

Natalie ☕️


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