Wow! I just don’t seam to stop lately, I have found myself on the go from 7am til late evening most days these past few weeks, getting up the horse yard before 9am & cramming so much in my day after while I’m out & before doing the afternoon school run I feel im burning myself out slightly. 


Today was nice though, it’s been busy but I’ve managed to sit have a cuppa & catch up with my sister in law & see my gorgeous nephew who Logan loves to play with. 


So what has been filling my days? Well of course mucking out horses every morning is top of the list, visiting family I’ve managed to see my Nan last week which is always a treat, my little sister & my Mum in one visit this week, my sister is law & Nephew as mentioned earlier, Mum in law due over this weekend & I’d love to see my Dad too soon. 

Visit to the doctor was needed this week bloods will be taken next week. I have the farrier & vet out Friday, my oldest Son had Chef camp the weekend just gone for Scouts which he did really well at, Ive also got the dentist coming up & I’m sure plenty more appointments for that which I’m dreading! 

Christmas shopping has been done mostly online between all this along with the 3 birthdays we have coming up before that. 

Me & hubby celebrated 7 years together last week & have our 6th Wedding Anniversary on New Years Eve.    


We found out our dog Lucy is expecting her second litter due around Christmas. 

 Sssooooo it’s a pretty hectic time for me right now, I would say we but hubby is literally never here so it’s just me doing these things. 

Hope everyone is having a good November?! 

Natalie 🌪


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