Each year I promise myself the best & biggest Halloween ever yet each year I some how run out of time? I’m not sure how this happens as I know exactly when it is, the lack of money running up to that time of year doesn’t help & preparing for Christmas too.

So this year we got the normal decorations out the loft & put them up the week before in time for half term, help get everyone in the mood, the kids & I had fun with family through out the week which I wrote about in an earlier post.



On Halloween we met up with my Mum in law, Brother & sister in law with my nephew who’s 18 months. We planned to go out for a meal to The Harvester which to be honest I was dreading the last time we went Logan was a lot younger & played up so much we had to leave, shoes being thrown at people, screaming, food everywhere & the odd drink over the table! However our recent visit was much nicer, he was better behaved, ate his food & no ones meal got drowned a success all round. 



After we headed back to our house & took all the kids trick or treating round our neighbours then had afew fireworks after followed by a huge sugar rush! 


All headed home & I put the kids to bed as by this point it was quite late but a very enjoyable day with great company. 

Decs are now down & away & im thinking the same about next year already, but with two holidays planned I doubt it will happen. 

Happy Halloween!! 

Natalie 🎃


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