A busy bee.

Well it’s been a while since posting anything as my life has just flipped & turned mega busy & hectic more so than what it was before, the main reason being is my horses & it’s that time of year again when the need to be bought in every night along with daily feeds, cannot rely on just their grass any more, this is why I recently moved them. 

So my daily routine has changed slightly, been getting up earlier, getting my two older children off to school & getting down the stables straight after to muck out, do hay nets & make up feeds for the day, my youngest sits in the warm car most of time quite happy to do this as long as he’s provided with snacks & tablet which is the best place for him & im literally next to the car if I’m needed. 


After this it’s about mid morning & I can get on with other things like housework, meeting a friend, seeing family, appointments, popping to the shop getting items that need picking up by this point I’m exhausted again! 

After lunch I do the school run & it’s back down the yard quickly to give the boys their dinner & put them to bed for the night, through the winter I’ll need to do rug changes but it’s not too bad at the moment, then rush home to sort dinner for the family & bedtime. 

This will pretty much be life until the spring comes. 

Natalie 🦄


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