A little break.

Today I have stopped for more than 10mins  & although it’s not been by choice I’m kinda glad as I need to, I’ve been doing a lot these last few weeks & I’ve got up today done the usual routine of the school run then up to the yard to muck out & my body had given up with a slight headache to top it off! 

So I’ve returned home to clean & spend time with my son who thinks making a mess is a far better idea. 


We’ve been hit with illness over the last few weeks aswel & it’s not wanting to shift from the house so that’s also slowed me down. 

So with this little bit of extra time I’ve managed abit of online shopping as you do with a cup of tea, I’ve bought afew extra Christmas presents I’m that little bit more close to finishing. 

This year I’ve decided to try the Elf idea, as my kids have been mega naughty lately if you haven’t heard of it I recommend looking it up on Google although I’ve not put it to work yet as you don’t til December 1st I really think it will help keep them in line for that last month. 

I’ve also made up a huge Christmas Eve box for all the kids which I’ll be adding more to over the weeks, they do come ready made but I’ve bought mine empty & adding my own things as I feel you get more that way, you can personalise & choose the contents,  this will be the first time trying this too I’m quiet excited myself to see their faces on the day. 


Well that’s break time over, back to life.

Natalie ☕️



Wow! I just don’t seam to stop lately, I have found myself on the go from 7am til late evening most days these past few weeks, getting up the horse yard before 9am & cramming so much in my day after while I’m out & before doing the afternoon school run I feel im burning myself out slightly. 


Today was nice though, it’s been busy but I’ve managed to sit have a cuppa & catch up with my sister in law & see my gorgeous nephew who Logan loves to play with. 


So what has been filling my days? Well of course mucking out horses every morning is top of the list, visiting family I’ve managed to see my Nan last week which is always a treat, my little sister & my Mum in one visit this week, my sister is law & Nephew as mentioned earlier, Mum in law due over this weekend & I’d love to see my Dad too soon. 

Visit to the doctor was needed this week bloods will be taken next week. I have the farrier & vet out Friday, my oldest Son had Chef camp the weekend just gone for Scouts which he did really well at, Ive also got the dentist coming up & I’m sure plenty more appointments for that which I’m dreading! 

Christmas shopping has been done mostly online between all this along with the 3 birthdays we have coming up before that. 

Me & hubby celebrated 7 years together last week & have our 6th Wedding Anniversary on New Years Eve.    


We found out our dog Lucy is expecting her second litter due around Christmas. 

 Sssooooo it’s a pretty hectic time for me right now, I would say we but hubby is literally never here so it’s just me doing these things. 

Hope everyone is having a good November?! 

Natalie 🌪


Each year I promise myself the best & biggest Halloween ever yet each year I some how run out of time? I’m not sure how this happens as I know exactly when it is, the lack of money running up to that time of year doesn’t help & preparing for Christmas too.

So this year we got the normal decorations out the loft & put them up the week before in time for half term, help get everyone in the mood, the kids & I had fun with family through out the week which I wrote about in an earlier post.



On Halloween we met up with my Mum in law, Brother & sister in law with my nephew who’s 18 months. We planned to go out for a meal to The Harvester which to be honest I was dreading the last time we went Logan was a lot younger & played up so much we had to leave, shoes being thrown at people, screaming, food everywhere & the odd drink over the table! However our recent visit was much nicer, he was better behaved, ate his food & no ones meal got drowned a success all round. 



After we headed back to our house & took all the kids trick or treating round our neighbours then had afew fireworks after followed by a huge sugar rush! 


All headed home & I put the kids to bed as by this point it was quite late but a very enjoyable day with great company. 

Decs are now down & away & im thinking the same about next year already, but with two holidays planned I doubt it will happen. 

Happy Halloween!! 

Natalie 🎃

A busy bee.

Well it’s been a while since posting anything as my life has just flipped & turned mega busy & hectic more so than what it was before, the main reason being is my horses & it’s that time of year again when the need to be bought in every night along with daily feeds, cannot rely on just their grass any more, this is why I recently moved them. 

So my daily routine has changed slightly, been getting up earlier, getting my two older children off to school & getting down the stables straight after to muck out, do hay nets & make up feeds for the day, my youngest sits in the warm car most of time quite happy to do this as long as he’s provided with snacks & tablet which is the best place for him & im literally next to the car if I’m needed. 


After this it’s about mid morning & I can get on with other things like housework, meeting a friend, seeing family, appointments, popping to the shop getting items that need picking up by this point I’m exhausted again! 

After lunch I do the school run & it’s back down the yard quickly to give the boys their dinner & put them to bed for the night, through the winter I’ll need to do rug changes but it’s not too bad at the moment, then rush home to sort dinner for the family & bedtime. 

This will pretty much be life until the spring comes. 

Natalie 🦄