Half Term Madness 2.

The second half of the week is almost over & it’s been more hellish than the beginning, the kids are bored, playing up & had enough of each other’s company despite me doing my best to keep them all entertained, given their ages & different interests I do struggle. 

Wednesday I had arranged to meet up with my sister, step mum & little sister who’s 8 & take all the kids out for some entertainment, we found a Dino Fest being held at a local venue & with Logan being a major fan thought this would be a huge success, however once there we soon released our visit was going to be over soon, being one room with minimal info & one model of a dinosaur, still the kids enjoyed dressing up & playing with afew dinosaurs, that kept them happy for half an hour, we then found a park across the road which kept them happy for a little while longer, although Logan wanted to move in & others gave me that look you get when your kid is screaming their head off as if you are a stranger trying to take them away, yes he didn’t want to leave the slide!!. 


On to the next part of our day, source some pumpkins from a supermarket head back to the parents house for some carving. 

This was a success with all the kids taking part, they loved it. 



By this point it was getting quite late, I needed to get home & feed the tribe & battle through the rush hour traffic, we said our goodbyes & headed off, getting home within an hour, not so bad. Looking in the freezer there’s not really any dinner so ordered Pizza Hut which took forever, yes thank you for leaving me with 3 hungry & now tired little humans. Once fed it’s time for bed & hubby walks in just in time to do nothing….perfect! 

Not a bad day really. 

So yesterday we all get up in the usual lazy holiday style & begin with getting washed, dressed & fed, the beginning of a day from hell. After this I put something in the bin & discover one of my recently bought, brand new & expensive bowls smashed & half hidden inside. Shock, horror & anger all visit my head & cannot believe what I’m seeing, it was clearly my eldest as the other two were with me. His excuse, “Oh I didn’t want to wash a different one up”. Well that’s ok then, knowing we have certain bowls, plates etc for the kids use he still decides this is ok & no apology for smashing it. I dished out the appropriate punishment taking away his life of technology until further notice. 

On with the housework, now this to Logan doesn’t mean what it does to every one else, getting everything out seams much better! 

Lunch time approaches & I make them all something yummy. I had arranged for my sister & Mum in law to pop round in the afternoon, without going in to too much detail there were some family problems & this was the first time we had seen my sister & nephew in afew years, my youngest hadn’t seen them since he was a baby so this was a positive step in getting family back to normal, but as you can imagine it was slightly awkward with what to say to someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. It was good to see them & all the children played well & they left shortly before dinner time. Once gone I put food on for the kids & had another tidy up, I go upstairs & grab a Logan pjs from our room, before walking out I notice some chocolate eggs that are the side are missing, it’s clearly one of the oldest two, I go downstairs & question them knowing I wouldn’t get a confession from either, both lied as expected blaming each other. This isnt the first more like the hundredth time items have gone missing most of the time sweets & chocolate & it’s normally our daughter. I get Logan to bed & hubby comes home & helps with the problem, telling them both no cinema, tv & will remain sat on sofa til offending child & admitted truth…..we are in for a long wait. 

Eventually daughter confesses just as we thought & finding her stash of wrappers down the side of her bed, classic behave from her. 

Get them both to bed & after a complete shit day I head to bed not long after. 

Friday, the last day on my own & as a treat I booked the cinema at the beginning of the week while Logan is at pre school (which he gets to dress up as a monster for), now they really don’t deserve this even after using it as a bribe all week they still didn’t behave & it’s not something I can get my money back on either, Im not one for wasting money so we have to go! No popcorn though. 

After, I plan on getting my horses in from the rain, doing some dinner & picking Logan up, bed then I’m sure hubby will walk through the door at that convenient  time he always does. 

I will need an alcoholic beverage at this point with some good tv. 

Natalie 😫


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