Half Term Madness. 

It’s half term, not only that I’ve just moved my horses to their new yard where & it’s coming up to the colder months so back to mucking out & daily feeds, so my days are slightly busier than they have been. 

Yesterday the start of half term we all get up a little later than usual, notice I say get up not wake up as that doesn’t matter to the kids! 

We casually take our time in getting dressed etc before heading downstairs for breakfast which breaks out in arguments over what to have, the arguments are constant between the older two & over anything!! 

After breakfast it time to get ready to head out & take care of the horses, the first thing on the list, getting out takes well over an hour as I’m packing up things to take in the bag, Logan unpacks, I repack, other two are fighting about complete crap, eventually we are out, this is shortly followed by arguments about who’s sitting in the front, I respond twice that my oldest is as its safer. 

We finally get to the yard, they vacate the car running off into the mud laughing, I set up Logan with tablet & munch & keep him warm in the car with I go make up feeds & start mucking out. 

Once this is done I round the kids up to head off to our next destination, Asda!!! Big mistake, I need to go in for a handful of things which is quickly forgotten once I’m there as all I can hear are the endless demands from the kids, they feel the need to take things off the shelf & show me as if I can’t actually see for myself it’s shocking! I give in to the oldest getting an outfit for Halloween as its needed, remember afew items amongst all the nagging, grab their lunch, pay & leave. Get to the car set up each child with lunch they chose, nope not good enough, they want what the other has, re arrange all food til all are happy, head off to next stop, my friends house for a catch up.

Once there I can sit & relax abit having a catch up over cups of tea while all children play. 

Soon enough it’s time to leave to go put horses in, I’m quite far away at this point & soon realise after a while on the road I’m not gonna get back in time before hitting traffic so abort that idea & get home to make dinner, the dinner I forgot to get earlier in Asda! So it’s a case of chuck what ever is in the freezer in oven hoping it’s enough to feed 3. 

Luckily all are happy with the outcome, housework has been left all day so it’s mega cleaning time, load washing machine, dishwasher, sort rubbish, tidy up from dinner & hoover then get kids ready for bed. 

Once house is spotless I take youngest up to brush teeth & get him to bed, head to my bedroom to fold up cleaning washing when hubby conviently walks in when everything is done! Great! 

Back downstairs, tell other two children to be quiet so their brother can get to sleep, realise me & hubby have no dinner too so it’s scraps from the freezer for us, plate of scampi for me & garlic bread for him both with a Bulmers in hand. 

Munch the dinner while able to watch my recorded episodes of Hollyoaks & Eastenders but in parts as I have to pause every few minutes be jade he kids are making noise. Their bedtime approaches, feed cats & dogs lock up house it’s now our bedtime, stumble up the stairs, layer on new face cream in trying, shit out the stars & sleep! 

Next day wake up with a similar start, Logan still attends preschool through the holidays & goes on Tuesday’s & Friday’s from lunchtime so I planned do some housework in the morning & spend my afternoon down with my horses.

I’m starting to notice my plans don’t actually go to plan though, the first part did, I cleaned, the kids, well more Logan made a mess, before taking him to school I make lunch for them all, shortly after my farrier has cancelled our appointment for this afternoon, shit! But re scheduled for later date.

I then decide to go back to supermarket once dropping him off to get items that I forgot yesterday, with a list this time. 

That was a success despite having to stop in the middle of the shop & firmly tell my kids no I do not want to see the top, the pony or the awesome book that I’ve never heard of before, that I was there for certain things only & showing me this stuff wasn’t going to make me think of course we have no money but you need that right now next to Christmas! 

After paying I walk out with intentions of spending some time with my horses, seeing as they weren’t gonna get their nails done I thought, let’s do the hair, Mother Nature had other ideas as the rain started, horse pamper day was over before it began!

Next plan, get the pumpkins for the weekend, head to usual buying place pick out half a dozen nice ones to carve later, along with argument over who’s doing what one, what face, who’s helping all the way home.

Once home I do a proper clean as Logan is still at school so can’t undo what I do. 

Kids decide to carve pumpkins now instead of Thursday our next free ish day, so leave them to it in the kitchen while I clean living room, stroke the cat & take 5, return to kitchen to find pumpkin has exploded everywhere, or so it looks but it’s really the kids carving their pumpkins/ flicking it everywhere, I walk out in horror as I’ve just cleaned in there! Explain they need to sort it so I can put dinner on.

Hubby calls for work/day update & to see how I’m getting on, I explain all to him & he quickly decided he’s gotta carry on with work his break is over even though he has no set breaks, ok then. 

Write blog (this one) while kids clean up & I can cook before picking Logan up, I always collect him slightly earlier than his finish time as I miss him terribly. Looking forward to his cuddles when he’s home, will put him to bed & no doubt hubby will walk in when everything is done as that’s his style. 

Evening of interrupted soaps again, kids not going to bed when asked & maybe a shower if I’m lucky!

The life of a mum. 

Natalie 💅🏼


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