Feeling Thankful. 

This is sort of a thank you post even though the lady that inspired me to write this may never see this, it may open people’s eyes slightly & change the way they think.

My Avon lady popped round today to deliver my order & like most people we don’t know much about each other, it’s just general chat at the door & added to Facebook. That is then the invite into personal life, seeing regular posts, photos & my everyday life. 

Today she asked me about my daughter Hollie after seeing my Wave of Light photos from last week, she had taken the time out of her life to ask about her, what happened & life after. This meant the world to me, yes it hurts to talk about her but it’s far more painful to keep quiet, it shows that she was thought of by the asking person, she hasn’t been forgotten, it warms my heart. 

After me explaining she then ended the conversation offering to meet up more to talk about everything, see her animals & home, I cannot explain how amazing that is when I have lost close friends because they don’t know what to say or it’s too hard for them.

My point is if you know someone who has lost a child the best thing isn’t to avoid them but to talk to them, offer your friendship it really is the most comforting thing, especially when you feel so alone. 

Natalie 🍄


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