Man moan!! 

Yes we all do it, even men moan about women but I haven’t even mentioned a complaint in any of my blogs until now. 

I’m a pretty easy going person, I don’t care if the toilet seat gets left up it happens a lot there are 3 boys in this house, I’m fine with the not putting dishes in the dishwasher even though the sink is right next to it, ok that bugs me slightly but overall I’m a be honest & don’t cheat sort of girl, I hardly put a moan in!

Until now, see what has set this off is purely lack of sleep. I’ve single handedly done every night feed with 3 babies & every night call in their lives yet I am more exhausted now! It all boils down to his snoring problem! I’ve fucking had enough, this has been going on some time, resulting to me mostly sleeping on the sofa as he refuses, he also refused medical help, has tried over the counter treatments which have all failed. Along with his snoring it’s also accompanied by some sort of body shakes/jumping in his sleep so it’s basically trying to sleep on a raft out at sea with a fucking whale making sounds at you & yes I get sea sick so this makes me feel nausea too! 

What the fuck!!? Seriously there is no consideration there at all, no offer of “here have the bed for the night you haven’t slept in in afew years!” I’m awake pretty much every night from 2/3am until 5/6am listening to this walruss & then I’m expected to wake from my hours nap to do the school run & look after a toddler for the day! Erm no, I am only human yes I’m a pretty awesome one to still be alive after such major sleep deprivation but still. 

I have woken him countless amount of times over the years to which most he doesn’t remember but I either get ignored, kicked or the best one he has a go at me for waking him up!! Now that is brilliant right!    

This is the best part, after giving up the bed & resorting to afew hours on the sofa I soon discovered that my bloody dog snores too!! Who’s in the next room happily sleeping away I just can’t escape it! 

So if any one has invented a way of staying awake for around forever would be good to know right now as it looks like this is just life & I have things to get on with, thank you. 😀

A very sleepy…. 

Natalie 😴


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