The Theory of Everything. 

Stephen Hawking as you are probably aware is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge.

I have always had an interest for Stephen Hawking not only for his sheer brilliance of science but for his courage to carry on through what I think is one of the most horrendous illnesses you can have, a rare early onset, slow progressing form of motor neurone disease that has gradually paralysed him over the decades. He now communicates using a single cheek muscle attached to a speech generating device. 

To be that intelligent & have your body shut down on you slowly so only your thoughts remain yet you cannot voice them, it’s truly amazing to find a way like he did & still find happiness.

For the first time last night I watched his film ‘The Theory of Everything’ starring Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking who played a fantastic role. I have wanted to see this since its release & it was heartbreaking, educational & inspiring. I have seen many of his documentaries about his theories but this concentrated more on his life, the progression of his illness, the strain it had on his wife & how he still pursues with his research & writing around this. It really grabbed my heart as I couldn’t imagine being that immobile & finding the strength to carry on, I also felt the need to care for him as I do when I see elderly people in homes & those that suffer with dementia maybe it’s my mothering instincts taking over or a line of work I should pursue in the future, it fascinates me. Both these illnesses in my eyes being the cruelest one attacking the body the other attacking the mind. 

This man discovered theories & answers from his chair when I struggle to do basic things, it puts me to shame.

Adams Prize (1966)

FRS (1974)[15]

Eddington Medal (1975)

Maxwell Medal and Prize (1976)

Heineman Prize (1976)

Hughes Medal (1976)

Albert Einstein Award (1978)

CBE (1982)

RAS Gold Medal (1985)

Dirac Medal (1987)

Wolf Prize (1988)

CH (1989)

Prince of Asturias Award (1989)

Andrew Gemant Award (1998)

Naylor Prize and Lectureship (1999)

Lilienfeld Prize (1999)

Albert Medal (Royal Society of Arts) (1999)

Copley Medal (2006)

Presidential Medal of Freedom (2009)

Fundamental Physics Prize (2012)

At 73 years old he still continues his research…… 

Natalie 🚀


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