Thank you.

Day 30, 

Well this is the last day of my challenge & although some days it was difficult to find a subject I have really enjoyed it, So a big thank you to my friend for suggesting it to me.

It’s taught me you don’t have to know how to write well with the best grade in English to do this, I can be a normal every day mum & still manage it, finding the time was some times difficult but I just kept afew posts short if I lacked time that day, I wasn’t expecting many followers/likes I just wanted this for me but I achieved both so I’m grateful for those that took the time to read my thoughts & left me comments. 

I will continue to add to my blog as much as I can in the same way that I have been as it’s become part of me now, adding all my crazy family days, good & bad, opinions about the world & of course my funny animals. 

Thank you all!


Natalie 🍭


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