The wave of light.

Day 29

Today, 15th October is International wave of light day! October is baby loss month & tonight at 7pm where ever you are in the world, people will light a candle for their lost babies or for those that they know creating a wave of light around the world.

If you haven’t suffered a loss or know someone that has chances are you probably don’t know about this date as I never did before it happened to me either. 

We all know about the ribbons people wear but have you see the pink & blue one? Do you hear people talking about Babyloss week/month? No, because people don’t & it needs to change, making women aware it’s ok to get checked you’re not wasting time, are you aware of possible pregnancy outcomes other than a happy ending?  I guarantee that’s a no too as I was never told, I was made to believe that you make the 12 weeks mark you’re safe go tell everyone when that’s really not the case! This is what this month is about & this is what today is remembering. 


Tell the world!!!!

I didn’t know that pain like this existed, I happens, it’s not always someone else, it’s me, I am that 1 in 4! 

Every year on this date I now light candles for my daughter Hollie & others I have met along this journey creating an ‘Angel Family’ to not only remember them all but spread awareness to those that don’t know this does happen every day, with more care it could be prevented & more babies could survive. 


Every baby matters, every life made & lost is important, miscarriage, ectopic, stillborn, illness & sids, no matter how big or small they all need to be remembered….

They are all still born! 

🌹Hollie Rosalie Inkpin🌷

🍃Mon, 6th February 2012, 4:06pm🍂

Natalie 🌠


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