Way up high, past the sky. 

Day 28,

Another hobby of mine is Astronomy.

I have been interested in space since I was little, making my own solar system to hang from the ceiling, spotting the constalations as soon as it got dark, always waiting to see that shooting star to make a wish.

Over the last fews years I have been able to go a little further with it combining my love of photography with it, I managed to purchase a half decent telescope to really see things in detail, this was amazing!! For the first time those little dots I’ve been staring at all my life were in front on my eyes, they were real not just something I’d seen in books & on the telly, colourful, perfectly round & moving! 

My husband shares the same enthusiasm so we worked as a team, finding out the best times to view these beautiful giants as certain time of the year were better than others, we also found out about the meteor showers we have afew times a year again some amazing shows. 

Taking photos however were proving quite difficult, it wasn’t just the case of holding the camera over the telescope to get a snap although that is what we did for quite some time, it would often end up blurry & they move so quick. 

We managed to get some software with a camera that attaches to the telescope allowing you to take several photos then layers them together to make a perfect picture, which again was quite difficult to do, this hobby we slowly learnt is expensive. The only real way to get that prefect picture is from Nasa, or the next biggest telescope in the world. 




The photos we did achieve are no where near what we were seeing with our eyes which is disappointing but at least I can say I have these photos & I took them myself not many can say that!  

I have seen the Moon in all its phases, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, many shooting stars, The International Space Station & The Andromeda Galaxy.

Like any hobby we will continue to do, grow & learn more about & enjoying everything we see, I set out with my life long dream of seeing Saturn & have done so much more, I want to see it all. 

It really does amaze me.

Natalie 🌘


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