Day 25,

To name 5 positive things that happened this week. 

For someone like me this is a lot harder than it sounds, which is why I chose it, naming negative experiences would be far too easy.

When you suffer with depression & anxiety thinking positive isn’t something that happens often or without thinking hard so here goes.

  1. 🌻 Meeting up with two of my friends for lunch this week. I don’t get to do this often so when the opportunity comes up its lovely to do to get out of that boring routine & catch up with people I love.
  2. 🐳 Having time with my son, ok I get this every week while the others are out but he is pretty cool to hang out with.
  3. 🍦 Surprise visit from my family, this meant a lot to me as we are both so busy getting time together doesn’t happen often which is awful, so having them pop round one evening in the week was amazing & really cheered me up!
  4. 💞  I finished my Christmas shopping…..for my kids, yes I’m orgnazised but not so much to finish it all just yet still the family to go by hey I’m nearly there! 
  5. ❄️ I’m still alive, I think this is pretty good I stayed another week woohoo!! Not everyone will be pleased but me & the kids are so…..

Well there you have it, not much happened in my week that was any different to any other week & I have been down for most of it however I still managed to find something.

Natalie 🐾


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