What would be your dream job? 

Day 24

My answer to this question hasn’t hanged since I was 7years old, I’ve always wanted to be a vet. 

I’ve thought about other things, owning my own shop would be a close second, full of beautiful items for the home, children’s toys, sweets, photos abit of everything really, being my own boss sounds appealing with no people around just me in a shop however I cannot discard my yearning for wanting to care for animals. 

They deserve so much more in life, all the animal cutely I see daily really upsets me, as humans we are nasty, selfish & have no right what so ever to do the things we do I’m ashamed to be one! 

Sadly me against the world will not put a dent in the system to change things, I do donate to animal charities on a regular basis & I would love nothing more that to work with animals when my family circumstances change in the near future. 

For me animals are far better than humans, they cannot help & fix each other like we do, they will die, they deserve a chance to survive if injured after all half the time it’s our fault with our roads, weapons etc.

When I was younger I had a hamster that I enjoyed looking after more than my dolls, I was getting something back, love, you could see the appreciation in his eyes, I guess it started from there & the dreams were implanted. 

I’ve since had many animals who I’ve each given my all to, cared for the best I can hoping to give that little life abit of happiness for the short time they are with me, I’ve still got quite afew that I share my home & heart with & I couldn’t be without them. 

I am unable to study to be a vet, I had children instead I know some are able to do the whole kids & college thing & fair play to them, the college I would need to attend is quite far & childcare is costly, relying on family for help is not an option for me either so I have accepted that it will remain a dream however I can still do other animal care related things when the time is right & im very much looking forward to that. 

Natalie 🐘


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