Your body is your canvas. 

Day 23,

My views on tattoos & piercings…..get them!!!

I love both, I don’t think a body should be covered but a good few are nice & look lush on a guy! 

All this rubbish about not looking good when you’re older, who cares it’s only you that will see them & they will be memories of your younger days, most people get tattoos of an important stage in life, a child’s name etc why would you not want to mark that, it may actually help you remember when you’re older! 

I have 10 myself & have another 5 planned all are very important to me.

  • 1. Dolphin on my hip- my first tattoo reminds me of becoming an adult, being old enough to say ‘hey, I’m gonna do this coz I can!’
  • 2. Purple unicorn on my right ankle- my favourite colour with my favourite animal.
  • 3. ‘Kieran’ on my left wrist- My son’s name.
  • 4. ‘Tiegan’ on my left foot- My daughters name.
  • 5. A star with a ‘D’ inside & tribal behind my right ear down my neck- To mark my commitment to my husband.

  • 6. Pink jelly bean on right wrist- me & hubby got matching ones because we love jelly beans! 
  • 7. Butterfly & vines on lower back- major fan of butterflies. 
  • 8. Thumper on my left shoulder blade- to mark a severe car accident I had when I was 8, my dad drew him in a badge for me while in hospital so I got a tattoo of his drawing. 
  • 9. ‘Daniel’ across the top of my back- my husband, best friend & sole mate. 
  • 10. ‘Hollie’ & leaves on my right forearm- My second daughter.

Each one marks a huge part of my life that I won’t forget.






Piercings, again I am a fan but not covering the face & some people suit them more than others.

I’ve had my fair share of those too sadly afew have gone.

  • Ears 6 times, all still remain apart from 2.
      • Both eyebrows, grown out.
      • Tongue, for 15 years & still have.

      And wanting more.

      Everyone has an opinion on these some love some hate, these are just my views. 

      Natalie 👌🏼


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