Day 22,

I think it’s safe to say Autumn has officially started! I absolutely HATE summer with a passion, the heat drives me insane but this year mother nature seamed to be on my side, listened to me begging & cancelled it, I’m so pleased! 

The nights are getting longer, days getting shorter, leaves turning colour & falling to the floor or all over my garden so we can tread them in the house (that’s my only problem) 



This is one of my favourite times of year, Winter being the best but Autumn everything changes & it gets cooler, hot chocolate with marshmallows is a must after coming home, pop the heating on before bed, snuggle up in a big jumper & awesome animal slippers. 

Eat stews & warm home cooked meals, plan Christmas & family gatherings with the new year not far away. 

Autumn also has my favourite occasion, Halloween! Ive always been a major fan & now my kids are too, we put decorations up around the house about a week before, on the day my kids put their costumes on & we have Halloween music playing for the day, we buy lots of pumpkins & carve them in to funky faces, as dark approaches I take them out trick or treating with our dog Lucy & back home for the feast. 

There’s often alot of firework displays at various locations around our area which we will often attend that time of year too, with stalls & toffee apples. 



What have you all got planned for your Autumn? Do you enjoy the same activities or quite nights at home? What ever you do I hope you enjoy it as much as we do! 

Natalie 🌻


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