Favourite film. 

Day 19 of the challenge & still thinking about my childhood after yesterday’s post I must be in a zone or something at the mo but it also got me thinking of all those brilliant films we watched as kids, not saying today’s film are not good but films back then made our memories, for me it’s Disney! 

I am still a major fan, so much so that I’ve decided to re do my bedroom as a shabby vitage Disney theme. 

I have a few favourites, I enjoy The Lion King & Pocahontas they really appeal to me being about freedom, the outside world & involve animals. 

My ultimate favourite though only by a fraction would have to be Alice in Wonderland! 

She reminds me of myself, a made up funky world of make believe in her head to escape the boring reality that surrounds us, she did it pretty well I think! 

Natalie 🐛


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