Fun times. 

Day 18 of the challenge,

I’ve had a lovely time with my in laws yesterday, we decided to go for dinner & take the kids to the arcades down Southsea Parade.

This is something I have done since I was a kid & it’s lovely to go with my new family too, we haven’t had much time together lately so this was a great oportunity to catch up & have some fun.



It also lead me to think about all the old classic games I use to play as a kid, Pacman, Space Invaders etc you can’t get games like it anymore they will always be the best, nowadays you can’t win a thing the cranes are fixed, things are stuck down so you only leave with empty pockets & disappointment! The 2p machines are the only ones left that really keep the kids entertained these days.

I think Adam Sandler had the same ideas with his recent movie Pixels if you haven’t seen it yet, go! It’s amazing! I’m not just saying that because he’s my favourite actor but it really does bring back the memories, great film! 


Sadly that’s what they will be now, memories, but fantastic ones. 

Natalie 👾


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