One of your favourite tv shows. 

Day 17

Well I have afew favourites when I get to watch tv after the kids, it’s Hollyoaks, Eastenders, I sometimes watch Don’t tell the bride but my ultimate all time, long running favourite is Friends. 

I have watched every episode at least 200 times each maybe more actually.  I started watching it when I was 14/15 they had already done afew series by then & they did their final 10th series in 2004 not long after I had my son, I was in bits when it finished. 

Since then I’ve continued to watch their shows on tv, I know everything about the characters & can sit there watching & the next line will come out my mouth without realising it’s been inbedded in my brain forever now!  

There is just no other show I can get that involved in, I’ve watched How I met your mother, which I pretty cool, I enjoy it but nothing will ever be the same. 

I am definitely a super fan!! 



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