The perfect partner. 

Day 16 I’m going to share my boys Toby & Barney. 


Second day with Toby



First time on Barney


They are my much loved horses both cobs, I’ve had Toby just over 2years he’s 4years old & ive had Barney just over a year & he’s nearly 13.

They are very special horses, especially Toby see we are both abit sensitive, been hurt & we both connect that way, he is my rescue horse who was in a bad way when I got him, he showed signed of abuse & found it hard to trust so I was gentle with him & formed a lifetime bond with him.



Barney I got because I wanted a bigger horse, one that already knew what to do & I could help my confidence with, he could teach me things & be a protector, with them both we form the perfect puzzle I need them & they need me. 



I wanted to get into horses again after having my youngest child, I was done having children so it was something for me now that they could also joint in if they wanted. 

I’ve suffered greatly with mental health issues over the years & a lot with anxiety since loosing Hollie, they were away of helping me, they can’t heal me but just for that moment they really do take the pain away. I started not wanting to go out but they made me, they needed their food & cleaning out everyday so u had to go & I enjoy every minute of it. 

It’s not exactly glamorous being covered in mud & hay, mucking out everyday in the cold wet winters but it’s my kind of glamour it’s an escape from that boring mum routine at home & they give back the best unconditional love! It’s completely different from any other pet, you develop a bond where you can read each other & you can see theirs feelings by looking in their eyes.

We’ve not had it easy this year, I moved my boys to a place where stable & turn out are quite far apart so getting to see them with children around just isn’t happening, it’s been a heart breaking summer not seeing them however I know they are well living out (they do get checked on). It’s turning to Autumn now though so I’ve had to sort other plans for us, I’m very lucky to have a friend who has room for us to move later this month, she’s an amazing person with many years experience with horses so has always helped me, everything I know is from her, so I’m quite excited to be going back in good company & a new chapter for my horses, we shall now have both time & opportunity for lots of hacking which as never happened for us before, exciting times for us ahead finally. 

So in the future there will be a lot more stories involving them, their progress &  achievements in shows. 

Natalie 🐴


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