Half Term Madness 2.

The second half of the week is almost over & it’s been more hellish than the beginning, the kids are bored, playing up & had enough of each other’s company despite me doing my best to keep them all entertained, given their ages & different interests I do struggle. 

Wednesday I had arranged to meet up with my sister, step mum & little sister who’s 8 & take all the kids out for some entertainment, we found a Dino Fest being held at a local venue & with Logan being a major fan thought this would be a huge success, however once there we soon released our visit was going to be over soon, being one room with minimal info & one model of a dinosaur, still the kids enjoyed dressing up & playing with afew dinosaurs, that kept them happy for half an hour, we then found a park across the road which kept them happy for a little while longer, although Logan wanted to move in & others gave me that look you get when your kid is screaming their head off as if you are a stranger trying to take them away, yes he didn’t want to leave the slide!!. 


On to the next part of our day, source some pumpkins from a supermarket head back to the parents house for some carving. 

This was a success with all the kids taking part, they loved it. 



By this point it was getting quite late, I needed to get home & feed the tribe & battle through the rush hour traffic, we said our goodbyes & headed off, getting home within an hour, not so bad. Looking in the freezer there’s not really any dinner so ordered Pizza Hut which took forever, yes thank you for leaving me with 3 hungry & now tired little humans. Once fed it’s time for bed & hubby walks in just in time to do nothing….perfect! 

Not a bad day really. 

So yesterday we all get up in the usual lazy holiday style & begin with getting washed, dressed & fed, the beginning of a day from hell. After this I put something in the bin & discover one of my recently bought, brand new & expensive bowls smashed & half hidden inside. Shock, horror & anger all visit my head & cannot believe what I’m seeing, it was clearly my eldest as the other two were with me. His excuse, “Oh I didn’t want to wash a different one up”. Well that’s ok then, knowing we have certain bowls, plates etc for the kids use he still decides this is ok & no apology for smashing it. I dished out the appropriate punishment taking away his life of technology until further notice. 

On with the housework, now this to Logan doesn’t mean what it does to every one else, getting everything out seams much better! 

Lunch time approaches & I make them all something yummy. I had arranged for my sister & Mum in law to pop round in the afternoon, without going in to too much detail there were some family problems & this was the first time we had seen my sister & nephew in afew years, my youngest hadn’t seen them since he was a baby so this was a positive step in getting family back to normal, but as you can imagine it was slightly awkward with what to say to someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile. It was good to see them & all the children played well & they left shortly before dinner time. Once gone I put food on for the kids & had another tidy up, I go upstairs & grab a Logan pjs from our room, before walking out I notice some chocolate eggs that are the side are missing, it’s clearly one of the oldest two, I go downstairs & question them knowing I wouldn’t get a confession from either, both lied as expected blaming each other. This isnt the first more like the hundredth time items have gone missing most of the time sweets & chocolate & it’s normally our daughter. I get Logan to bed & hubby comes home & helps with the problem, telling them both no cinema, tv & will remain sat on sofa til offending child & admitted truth…..we are in for a long wait. 

Eventually daughter confesses just as we thought & finding her stash of wrappers down the side of her bed, classic behave from her. 

Get them both to bed & after a complete shit day I head to bed not long after. 

Friday, the last day on my own & as a treat I booked the cinema at the beginning of the week while Logan is at pre school (which he gets to dress up as a monster for), now they really don’t deserve this even after using it as a bribe all week they still didn’t behave & it’s not something I can get my money back on either, Im not one for wasting money so we have to go! No popcorn though. 

After, I plan on getting my horses in from the rain, doing some dinner & picking Logan up, bed then I’m sure hubby will walk through the door at that convenient  time he always does. 

I will need an alcoholic beverage at this point with some good tv. 

Natalie 😫


Half Term Madness. 

It’s half term, not only that I’ve just moved my horses to their new yard where & it’s coming up to the colder months so back to mucking out & daily feeds, so my days are slightly busier than they have been. 

Yesterday the start of half term we all get up a little later than usual, notice I say get up not wake up as that doesn’t matter to the kids! 

We casually take our time in getting dressed etc before heading downstairs for breakfast which breaks out in arguments over what to have, the arguments are constant between the older two & over anything!! 

After breakfast it time to get ready to head out & take care of the horses, the first thing on the list, getting out takes well over an hour as I’m packing up things to take in the bag, Logan unpacks, I repack, other two are fighting about complete crap, eventually we are out, this is shortly followed by arguments about who’s sitting in the front, I respond twice that my oldest is as its safer. 

We finally get to the yard, they vacate the car running off into the mud laughing, I set up Logan with tablet & munch & keep him warm in the car with I go make up feeds & start mucking out. 

Once this is done I round the kids up to head off to our next destination, Asda!!! Big mistake, I need to go in for a handful of things which is quickly forgotten once I’m there as all I can hear are the endless demands from the kids, they feel the need to take things off the shelf & show me as if I can’t actually see for myself it’s shocking! I give in to the oldest getting an outfit for Halloween as its needed, remember afew items amongst all the nagging, grab their lunch, pay & leave. Get to the car set up each child with lunch they chose, nope not good enough, they want what the other has, re arrange all food til all are happy, head off to next stop, my friends house for a catch up.

Once there I can sit & relax abit having a catch up over cups of tea while all children play. 

Soon enough it’s time to leave to go put horses in, I’m quite far away at this point & soon realise after a while on the road I’m not gonna get back in time before hitting traffic so abort that idea & get home to make dinner, the dinner I forgot to get earlier in Asda! So it’s a case of chuck what ever is in the freezer in oven hoping it’s enough to feed 3. 

Luckily all are happy with the outcome, housework has been left all day so it’s mega cleaning time, load washing machine, dishwasher, sort rubbish, tidy up from dinner & hoover then get kids ready for bed. 

Once house is spotless I take youngest up to brush teeth & get him to bed, head to my bedroom to fold up cleaning washing when hubby conviently walks in when everything is done! Great! 

Back downstairs, tell other two children to be quiet so their brother can get to sleep, realise me & hubby have no dinner too so it’s scraps from the freezer for us, plate of scampi for me & garlic bread for him both with a Bulmers in hand. 

Munch the dinner while able to watch my recorded episodes of Hollyoaks & Eastenders but in parts as I have to pause every few minutes be jade he kids are making noise. Their bedtime approaches, feed cats & dogs lock up house it’s now our bedtime, stumble up the stairs, layer on new face cream in trying, shit out the stars & sleep! 

Next day wake up with a similar start, Logan still attends preschool through the holidays & goes on Tuesday’s & Friday’s from lunchtime so I planned do some housework in the morning & spend my afternoon down with my horses.

I’m starting to notice my plans don’t actually go to plan though, the first part did, I cleaned, the kids, well more Logan made a mess, before taking him to school I make lunch for them all, shortly after my farrier has cancelled our appointment for this afternoon, shit! But re scheduled for later date.

I then decide to go back to supermarket once dropping him off to get items that I forgot yesterday, with a list this time. 

That was a success despite having to stop in the middle of the shop & firmly tell my kids no I do not want to see the top, the pony or the awesome book that I’ve never heard of before, that I was there for certain things only & showing me this stuff wasn’t going to make me think of course we have no money but you need that right now next to Christmas! 

After paying I walk out with intentions of spending some time with my horses, seeing as they weren’t gonna get their nails done I thought, let’s do the hair, Mother Nature had other ideas as the rain started, horse pamper day was over before it began!

Next plan, get the pumpkins for the weekend, head to usual buying place pick out half a dozen nice ones to carve later, along with argument over who’s doing what one, what face, who’s helping all the way home.

Once home I do a proper clean as Logan is still at school so can’t undo what I do. 

Kids decide to carve pumpkins now instead of Thursday our next free ish day, so leave them to it in the kitchen while I clean living room, stroke the cat & take 5, return to kitchen to find pumpkin has exploded everywhere, or so it looks but it’s really the kids carving their pumpkins/ flicking it everywhere, I walk out in horror as I’ve just cleaned in there! Explain they need to sort it so I can put dinner on.

Hubby calls for work/day update & to see how I’m getting on, I explain all to him & he quickly decided he’s gotta carry on with work his break is over even though he has no set breaks, ok then. 

Write blog (this one) while kids clean up & I can cook before picking Logan up, I always collect him slightly earlier than his finish time as I miss him terribly. Looking forward to his cuddles when he’s home, will put him to bed & no doubt hubby will walk in when everything is done as that’s his style. 

Evening of interrupted soaps again, kids not going to bed when asked & maybe a shower if I’m lucky!

The life of a mum. 

Natalie 💅🏼

Feeling Thankful. 

This is sort of a thank you post even though the lady that inspired me to write this may never see this, it may open people’s eyes slightly & change the way they think.

My Avon lady popped round today to deliver my order & like most people we don’t know much about each other, it’s just general chat at the door & added to Facebook. That is then the invite into personal life, seeing regular posts, photos & my everyday life. 

Today she asked me about my daughter Hollie after seeing my Wave of Light photos from last week, she had taken the time out of her life to ask about her, what happened & life after. This meant the world to me, yes it hurts to talk about her but it’s far more painful to keep quiet, it shows that she was thought of by the asking person, she hasn’t been forgotten, it warms my heart. 

After me explaining she then ended the conversation offering to meet up more to talk about everything, see her animals & home, I cannot explain how amazing that is when I have lost close friends because they don’t know what to say or it’s too hard for them.

My point is if you know someone who has lost a child the best thing isn’t to avoid them but to talk to them, offer your friendship it really is the most comforting thing, especially when you feel so alone. 

Natalie 🍄

Man moan!! 

Yes we all do it, even men moan about women but I haven’t even mentioned a complaint in any of my blogs until now. 

I’m a pretty easy going person, I don’t care if the toilet seat gets left up it happens a lot there are 3 boys in this house, I’m fine with the not putting dishes in the dishwasher even though the sink is right next to it, ok that bugs me slightly but overall I’m a be honest & don’t cheat sort of girl, I hardly put a moan in!

Until now, see what has set this off is purely lack of sleep. I’ve single handedly done every night feed with 3 babies & every night call in their lives yet I am more exhausted now! It all boils down to his snoring problem! I’ve fucking had enough, this has been going on some time, resulting to me mostly sleeping on the sofa as he refuses, he also refused medical help, has tried over the counter treatments which have all failed. Along with his snoring it’s also accompanied by some sort of body shakes/jumping in his sleep so it’s basically trying to sleep on a raft out at sea with a fucking whale making sounds at you & yes I get sea sick so this makes me feel nausea too! 

What the fuck!!? Seriously there is no consideration there at all, no offer of “here have the bed for the night you haven’t slept in in afew years!” I’m awake pretty much every night from 2/3am until 5/6am listening to this walruss & then I’m expected to wake from my hours nap to do the school run & look after a toddler for the day! Erm no, I am only human yes I’m a pretty awesome one to still be alive after such major sleep deprivation but still. 

I have woken him countless amount of times over the years to which most he doesn’t remember but I either get ignored, kicked or the best one he has a go at me for waking him up!! Now that is brilliant right!    

This is the best part, after giving up the bed & resorting to afew hours on the sofa I soon discovered that my bloody dog snores too!! Who’s in the next room happily sleeping away I just can’t escape it! 

So if any one has invented a way of staying awake for around forever would be good to know right now as it looks like this is just life & I have things to get on with, thank you. 😀

A very sleepy…. 

Natalie 😴

The Theory of Everything. 

Stephen Hawking as you are probably aware is an English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge.

I have always had an interest for Stephen Hawking not only for his sheer brilliance of science but for his courage to carry on through what I think is one of the most horrendous illnesses you can have, a rare early onset, slow progressing form of motor neurone disease that has gradually paralysed him over the decades. He now communicates using a single cheek muscle attached to a speech generating device. 

To be that intelligent & have your body shut down on you slowly so only your thoughts remain yet you cannot voice them, it’s truly amazing to find a way like he did & still find happiness.

For the first time last night I watched his film ‘The Theory of Everything’ starring Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking who played a fantastic role. I have wanted to see this since its release & it was heartbreaking, educational & inspiring. I have seen many of his documentaries about his theories but this concentrated more on his life, the progression of his illness, the strain it had on his wife & how he still pursues with his research & writing around this. It really grabbed my heart as I couldn’t imagine being that immobile & finding the strength to carry on, I also felt the need to care for him as I do when I see elderly people in homes & those that suffer with dementia maybe it’s my mothering instincts taking over or a line of work I should pursue in the future, it fascinates me. Both these illnesses in my eyes being the cruelest one attacking the body the other attacking the mind. 

This man discovered theories & answers from his chair when I struggle to do basic things, it puts me to shame.

Adams Prize (1966)

FRS (1974)[15]

Eddington Medal (1975)

Maxwell Medal and Prize (1976)

Heineman Prize (1976)

Hughes Medal (1976)

Albert Einstein Award (1978)

CBE (1982)

RAS Gold Medal (1985)

Dirac Medal (1987)

Wolf Prize (1988)

CH (1989)

Prince of Asturias Award (1989)

Andrew Gemant Award (1998)

Naylor Prize and Lectureship (1999)

Lilienfeld Prize (1999)

Albert Medal (Royal Society of Arts) (1999)

Copley Medal (2006)

Presidential Medal of Freedom (2009)

Fundamental Physics Prize (2012)

At 73 years old he still continues his research…… 

Natalie 🚀

Thank you.

Day 30, 

Well this is the last day of my challenge & although some days it was difficult to find a subject I have really enjoyed it, So a big thank you to my friend for suggesting it to me.

It’s taught me you don’t have to know how to write well with the best grade in English to do this, I can be a normal every day mum & still manage it, finding the time was some times difficult but I just kept afew posts short if I lacked time that day, I wasn’t expecting many followers/likes I just wanted this for me but I achieved both so I’m grateful for those that took the time to read my thoughts & left me comments. 

I will continue to add to my blog as much as I can in the same way that I have been as it’s become part of me now, adding all my crazy family days, good & bad, opinions about the world & of course my funny animals. 

Thank you all!


Natalie 🍭

The wave of light.

Day 29

Today, 15th October is International wave of light day! October is baby loss month & tonight at 7pm where ever you are in the world, people will light a candle for their lost babies or for those that they know creating a wave of light around the world.

If you haven’t suffered a loss or know someone that has chances are you probably don’t know about this date as I never did before it happened to me either. 

We all know about the ribbons people wear but have you see the pink & blue one? Do you hear people talking about Babyloss week/month? No, because people don’t & it needs to change, making women aware it’s ok to get checked you’re not wasting time, are you aware of possible pregnancy outcomes other than a happy ending?  I guarantee that’s a no too as I was never told, I was made to believe that you make the 12 weeks mark you’re safe go tell everyone when that’s really not the case! This is what this month is about & this is what today is remembering. 


Tell the world!!!!

I didn’t know that pain like this existed, I happens, it’s not always someone else, it’s me, I am that 1 in 4! 

Every year on this date I now light candles for my daughter Hollie & others I have met along this journey creating an ‘Angel Family’ to not only remember them all but spread awareness to those that don’t know this does happen every day, with more care it could be prevented & more babies could survive. 


Every baby matters, every life made & lost is important, miscarriage, ectopic, stillborn, illness & sids, no matter how big or small they all need to be remembered….

They are all still born! 

🌹Hollie Rosalie Inkpin🌷

🍃Mon, 6th February 2012, 4:06pm🍂

Natalie 🌠