10 ways to win your heart. 

Day 15 of the challenge, half way already & it’s getting harder by the day to think of things (thank you Google) 

I thought today should be about love as I’m in the mood. 

I’m not really a complicated person when it comes to winning me over so 10 might be abit much but I shall try. 

  • 1. Most importantly, never lie!!! Always be honest no matter if it hurts me, I deserve the truth to make my own judgements, you also come out a better person for it too. 


  • 2. Be yourself. If I’m interested in you I’ve propbably already seen this side, you should just carry on being that way. 
  • 3. Make me laugh. I love humour, jokes & someone who makes me smile. 


  • 4. Look after me. Not in a financial way, just hug me, talk to me, open up, say she’s mine!! 
  • 5. Be good with your hands around the home.
  • 6. Great sex, well of course.
  • 7. Struggling now as that’s pretty much all I need, maybe a nice cooked meal. 
  • 8. Show me that you love me, that you want me, it makes me feel special.


  • 9. Sensitivity, just because your a guy doesn’t mean we don’t want to see this, it shows you have feelings. 
  • 10. Tattoos! Ok it’s not really meant to be on the list but I’ve run out & I love them 😜


Natalie 💟


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