Growing old.

Day number 14 of the challenge.

I’m off to visit my Grandparents this afternoon while my children are at school, I use to have the time to visit them often but now I’m lucky to see them once a month, sounds bad doesn’t it?! Not having time for family because you’re looking after your own family.

I love seeing them, they are great, funny people full of amazing stories from ‘The old times’, life before me & it’s fascinating  to hear all about it but hard living back then. They get on each other’s nerves a little but have been together all their lives so it’s hardly surprising.

They are getting older & as I am too I’m slowly realising those people who have been the same age forever are not going to be around forever, this makes me so sad, they were a major part of my childhood & for some reason I’ve grown up thinking they are invincible! I don’t know if everyone thinks this way or it’s just me. 

One day they won’t be with me which makes me want to spend more time with them, a lot more than I do. 

It makes me thinking of my own life & how quickly it’s gone, I’m 32 I’m not past it or anything but wow seams only afew days ago I was leaving school, I’ve not exactly done much! 

It also scares me a little to know that I won’t be with my family no more, will I go first or will my husband, how long will one of us have to be alone? I couldn’t imagine life without him or my kids, yet I am ready in my heart as I know I’ll be with daughter. 

They say it’s like falling asleep & I love my sleep but forever, no more cuddles, happy faces it’s just nothing. 

What if I don’t grow old, what if I go before that stage, there are so many thoughts that I’m sure most people have had both scary & comforting. 

I hope we each experience the joys of growing old filled with many happy memories. The image of a crazy tattooed old woman with cats sat in the back of a scooter which has be adjusted to go fast sounds quite fun! 


Let’s make it a good one

Natalie 👵🏼


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