Building our home with love.

Day 12, it’s Sunday a day of rest or so they say, not in this house! 😁 After a very long time of stop starting our kitchen its finally gonna be finished! Woohoo.

We managed to do our whole living room, the flooring, wood work,  paint, new coving etc all in 3 days, pre Logan though with no stopping really. However our kitchen has taken since March! Being a room that’s in constant use it was a case of  bit by bit.

We starting off with painting the walls & putting coving up & painting that, filler, new plastic around the windows, new flooring laid & new furniture. 

This is pretty much how it started, horrible & cluttered the middle wall was a tester of the new colour to see if it would suit before deciding on it. Before that it was a nasty lime green & chocolate which was ok if done right.


One side is the dining area with table so that was done first then switched sides, now it’s just the tiling to do today, luckily my hubby is a plumber, tiler, does bathroom installations, wood work, painting, pretty much anything round the house & has taught me along the way making it a bonus & cheap as we do everything ourselves which makes everything that little bit more special with our own touches, we have decorated every room & left our names with the date under wallpaper or paint, at the end of the day we can say we did that! 

We’ve also made an Inkpin time capsule that we put in the wall filled with things about our family, photos, currency we use, a receipt with how much things cost today & when we leave the house hopefully as very old people someone will see what a great time we had. 


I’m quite proud of what I’ve achieved today, I’ve never tiled before & today Hubby taught me, I think I did quite well….


Just the grout to go


My work is done! 

Natalie 🔧

Park Gate Plumbing.

01489 582130 


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