Hurricane Logan 

Day 11 in the Inkpin house, 

It’s all about my son, I’ve decided to blog my almost 3 year olds day because let’s face it, they seam to have a lot more fun with every emotion exploding in your face every 10 minutes!! 

So he starts the day by waking up at a the pretty cool time of 8:15am I know quite lucky right? Calling for us to get up so up we get, it’s the law!

Washed, dressed & fed we are ready for the day, a little over an hour in to it we are having our first meltdown over something we cannot have, this happens several million times in one day so the first is easy to get over & move on!

We head out the house with all the kids & supplies we need for the day into the car heading off to our first location, a nearly new sale to grab some bargains. Our last one we attended Logan was in a pushchair so quite easy to control however now that’s not needed he’s on foot with reins giving him more freedom, this & a toy sale do not go people be warned!!! He wanted everything, he wanted to play with everything right there along with the other two asking every minute or so if they can also have everything they saw! 

After lots of “No’s” we left with a bag of goodies, back to the car & off to the next location, to collect our new kitchen tiles we ordered the week before. 

Seams an easy task doesn’t it? Wrong!! Hubby goes in to collect Logan decided to scream about everything & anything while the other two demand to go too, why I don’t know! It’s picking up a box!  We try distraction in the form of the new toys which works for a few seconds then we’re good to go.

Up next it’s lunch, we’re right by maccy d’s so it’s quickly decided we go there & grab some food, again something quite easy if you’re on your own, however with children it’s not!

Logan then decided his drink would taste better on himself rather than in the cup, of course why didn’t I think of that! Do you know what while we’re at it so will the food!! Who’d of guess! Time for another meltdown because it’s actually not as cool as he thought!  So now the car is a mess it’s time for Dad to clear it up who’s clearly had enough by this point. 

It’s time to head home to sort the new tiles out, calm everyone down & for mum to do some housework (as everyone else in the house has forgotten) 

Once home Logan cannot wait to get his new Play Doh set out where he’s completely content for the next hour for a change, ah finally some peace, Mum cooks dinner while Dad does the tiles, for just a small fraction of time everything is ok, this is a rare but beautiful thing & in that peace is when exhaustion hits you (you being the mum not the child, he’s still going) 


I wonder what goes through his head when he’s in his own little world like this, nothing matters apart from making that perfect shape, making sure the arm of the octopus stays on, he’s amazed that you push the hat down & a fish comes out, it’s so sweet! 

Dinner is ready & because the Play Doh is so epic food will be served with it & yes I know what you’re thinking & it did happen he acciendently ate some Play Doh instead of food , he took it out of his month in disgust saying “oh my god, look!” I had to laugh bless him, he put it to one side & carried on with the food. 


What a lovely array of mess all over the living room, bare in mind we’ve been out most of day & it’s just the one child the others are in the garden! I bet he was really proud of all that. So mum has a lot of fun after dinner.

Looking back we haven’t actually got a lot done, everything just takes longer with children. 

Will be time to get ready for bed soon which isn’t too bad if he’s tired he will quickly go to sleep after cuddles with Mummy & Daddy 

Sleep tight little one x  

Natalie 🐊


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