Funny times. 

Day 10 of the challenge & im really struggling with ideas, My life isn’t that exciting, everyday is just a boring routine so no new experiences to write about & my opinions of things are already out there!

I’ve hit a wall, so I’ve used google for abit of help which came up with topics of religion, not really a good idea considering the way the world is right now! If I prefer to see a man or woman doctor? I don’t really care aslong as I get sorted so that’s short & sweet! The weather hhhmmm yep it’s pretty much the same most of the year here & sssooooo boring who would want to hear about that?! 

I like humour but unless I fall over or fall up the stairs I’ve not really got much have I.

So YouTube it is to laugh at others, we have found the omg cat & of course a meerkat shouting for his friend Alan! Hilarious. 

Animals without a doubt are alot more fun than humans.





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