The perfect memory.

Day 7.

I have picked to share a favourite hobby, I have afew that you are probably aware of but today I’ve picked photography.

I did photography at collage as a G.C.S.E  but that was along time ago, now they have all this digital stuff that I’ve been learning over the years, I haven’t been on any courses it’s just what I’ve picked up myself  combined with things I learnt at college so I’m not the best & I don’t try to be, just a good photo is good enough for me.

I mainly take photos of my children, Hollie’s flowers as I can’t take a photo of her, forests, animals & a good old selfie if I’m in the mood 😜


My favourites are black & white prints, they really bring the character of the photo out in a lot of depth for something that has no colour. 









Just afew samples, all photos are my own with my camera & editing software with my own ideas.

Like I said they are not prefect but they are for me & I enjoy capturing a forever memory of the most important things in my life. 

Natalie 📷


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