Another day in paradise 

Day 5 & today’s blog will be about my day, I decided to write about today rather than another other day mainly because my days are boring as hell, it’s worse than watching Groundhog Day even though we have a similar plot my version of the film wins!!! 

So it’s a Sunday, weekends generally mean family time or sort the house out time, we went with family time this week as its more fun!! 

Most of our family time consists of Geocaching if you don’t have a clue what that is check it out on You Tube now!! It’s the most amazing world wide treasure hunting game, we are complete nerds when it comes to this, kitted out with a team name, bag & own trackables. It’s a great way to get the kids out the house, off their tablets & gadgets & exploring the world, for free!! 

So today we started by planning our spot about a half hour drive away from home in a lovely forest, we set up the gps & are soon finding caches, enjoying the piece of nature, when my oldest son suddenly lets out the most horrific cry while holding his head! Rushing over he screams that he’s been stung by a wasp!! Checking his head & yep, poor thing. After sorting him out, calming him down we headed back on our walk continuing finding caches over the next few hours, all along the way I noticed little ‘Hollie Feathers’ which was lovely as it was like she came with us, I often get little feathers from our daughter but today there was so many & then before heading back to the car we bumped in to a dog out on her walk with her human who stopped to say hello, she said the dogs name is Holly which instantly felt like a knife through my heart it’s almost like that name should belong to my daughter, nothing or no one else, my eyes started glazing over as I fought to keep the tears away in public & not upset the kids too but she really was everywhere today. 



Once we realise the time & how long we’ve been out for we soon think it’s time to grab the kids some dinner from the nearest Burger King & head home to get everyone ready for bed, things ready for school in the morning, all back to normal after escaping life for just that little bit of time. 


Everyone sleepy after a lovely day. 

Natalie 🍂


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