Something that you miss 

Day number 4 of the challenge & it’s all about what I miss.

The obvious things are chocolate while dieting, my hubby & children during the day, my young care free school days, those cool 1p sweets you just can’t get your hands on anymore unless you pay highly from a place online.

But what I truly miss are friends, really good best friends those ones that stick by you & do anything for you. It’s been a while since I had them in my life & with bad experiences lost so many & now find it hard to trust.

Are they going to take my family? Are your words real or just something you think I wanna hear? Sharing secrets & feelings thinking they will go no further & they betray your trust! Using me for lifts or money, who is real these days! 

I am slowly building friendships up again but there’s always going to be those thoughts in my head that could ruin everything new, I could without meaning it push someone away because of my past & someone could come along causing problems in my life again, I keep a wall up not getting close to anyone.

Surely that isn’t just life & I should put up with it, does everyone really shit on you? 

What ever happened to just good friends? 

Natalie 💛


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