Your proudest moment. 

Day 3 & I have chosen to share about my proudest moment, well four actually. 

As a mum I cannot choose just one & there really isn’t anything better than my children, the day I had each one is full of every emotion a human can have.


Kieran was my first in 2004 born just over 9weeks early, which was very scary, I didn’t know that after he was born he would be in a special baby unit for 2 months I thought I would be going home like others mums, I wasn’t prepared for that.

Your first isn’t any more special than other children you may have after but it’s when you become someone new with feelings you’ve never felt before it’s very overwhelming & that day a new you is born too which you remain forever!  

Tiegan is my second born in 2008, a shock but I adjusted ready for a new bean to join us, my first girl, my family was complete or so I thought.

Hollie is my third born 2012, my second girl, my forever baby. She couldn’t stay with us & I will remember the day those words were spoken to me for the rest of my life along with the pain of giving birth to her & not hearing her cry, watching her for days wishing she would move, placing her in the ground wanting to swap places.

I cannot even begin to describe what that’s like & living without her it completely changes you & simple everyday things become a struggle even now.

Logan is my fourth born end of 2012, my rainbow baby, he is here because Hollie couldn’t stay he is meant to be in our lives & is very special she made way for him for what ever reasons, he has kept me going along with the other two growing in to beautiful, funny, naughty little beans. 

Each day was special in their own way, every detail stays with you yet you go to the shop & forget half the stuff you needed! 

Nothing compares to being a mum! 

Natalie 💝


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