Where you’d like to be in 10 years. 

Second day of my blog challenge & ive picked the title question, so we’ve all been asked this or thought about it many times, coming up with the best plans which probably included, money, somewhere hot, money, world peace, nice house oh & money again! 


However nice that dream would be it wasn’t all on my list, realistically I didn’t picture or want my life this way when I was asked this 10 years ago, it’s been a shit ride!! 

So that question has come up again what will happen in the next 10……..

I’d like to think it’s gonna be abit more for me, I’ve had children to look after for all of my 20’s so now I’m done it’s more me time, I want to get more involved with my horses, riding & showing would be amazing. I want to get a job to contribute towards the family income, save for family holidays & treat my children. I think a house move would be out the question, an extra bedroom would be nice but it’s not gonna be needed once that 10 years is up, I would imagine my oldest would of left the next by then….wow I haven’t even thought about that! A whole new can of emotions there so we’ll leave that shut for abit longer!

So that’s my realistic more achievable goal, I’m sure there’s gonna be some crap on the way as it’s never far from our side.

Now for the fun made up bollocks that won’t even happen in your dreams because you’re not allowed to sleep long enough!! 😜

So I’m gonna win the lottery because these things require money & quite abit of it, I’m not gonna become a hooker or rob a bank so I’m winning this shit, then I’m buying a 6 bedroom country house with a horse yard next to it, which two of my horsey friends will stay at for free because remember I’m nice like that! I may get a pool I’ll see how I feel.

Of course family & friends get houses, holidays etc 

My hubby would want to carry on with work (this is his choice not mine, we have spoke about these dreams) so a new van, tools & hire some help for his days off, own company etc.

A games room, that’s just the way it goes!

My children can have what they want within reason & parenting along the way so they don’t turn out like brats.

Saving accounts for all.

A unicorn, this happens in my world ok! 

Plane tickets as we’re off to see the world……

So back to boring life & I hope I’ve made you think about your next 10 years, crazy ideas or go with flow, either way have fun!!!

Natalie 🎀


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