10 things about me people really don’t expect! 

So I’ve been set the task of the 30 day blog challenge 😱


Those that know me will know that although I love getting things out, with my family & lifestyle (3 children, their clubs/schools, 2 horses, 5million other animals & a house to run) finding 30 seconds to pee alone is a mission let alone enough time to dedicate to write something good people wanna hear everyday & having children wrapped around my legs but here I am……….challenged accepted!!

I’ve been given afew ideas which I’m gonna do from a list in no order which I can write about, first of all I came across the list of things people don’t know about me & wouldn’t expect of me, which is pretty much me all over, they don’t expect the words that come out my mouth, the attitude or opinions as I have such a sweet look about me & im more than often the quiet one at first.

So here goes…..


 At the top of my list & most importantly my favourite band Green Day for the past 20years, yes this isn’t such a shock if you knew me back in my young goth days but to look at me the words “nnnoooooo!! Really?! Would be going through your mind. I love rock music & I like it loud! 

2. Not proud but I’m honest so give me that, drugs were part of my past nothing hardcore just a smoke & some pick me up on a night out.

3. Again not a proud one but I’ve had afew one night stands & shamefully cannot remember names, this isn’t making me sound good but I’m hoping the honesty & that it was in my past gives me some points. 

4. I don’t like children. I adore my own with all my heart & would give my life for them, I enjoy & do love friends & relates children but that’s as far as it goes, I know someone who has 4 children who doesn’t like children, it’s shocking! They just annoy me in the playground or in the shops, I’m sure mine do with other people but that’s allowed lol

5. I say exactly what I think & swear a lot! I don’t really hold back, maybe I should & people look at me weird probably thinking did she really say that, I don’t look the type but yes I do! 

6. I hate men. I am happily married but there was a time in my past where men were just abusive, violent & nasty which has give me the man hating attitude like many women ( yes I know their not all the same, I found one however there’s still a lot right?!) 

7. I don’t really like sweets, the odd few yes but compared to most, wow. I probably get a sweet tooth twice a year! I’ve watched people packing them down their throat like there not going to make them anymore, take time to breathe people!

8. I hate mess! Not like ocd but not far off, things need to be in their place & when it’s moved I don’t like it, children & this problem don’t really go, nor does a husband really either! I’m constantly moving things through the day.

9. I am more than likely the nicest person you will ever meet! I’m kind, caring, will help anyone in need if I can no questions asked, would rather I go without so my family or friends can have, will trust, give money, open my home, my heart, give food anything until this is abused (which sadly has happened through most of my life) 

10. I am legen wait for it……..dary!!!!

So there you have it, just afew both good & bad points that make me, me! 

Natalie 🌷


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