Back to school

Everywhere over the country children of all ages have probably completed their first week back to school, starting school or pre school. 

As harsh as I sound & im sure most have thought the same I am pleased, but so are my children.

6 weeks of being together non stop is hard on us all, we have long days in this house with myself doing most as my husband works til late.

The ages of my children are between 2-11 so keeping everyone happy & entertained is very difficult so August is never a good month for us, ideas run dry & boredom is incurable from the middle of the month.

So that first week, back to normality, routine, new year & for my oldest a new school, secondary along with all the fears & excitement that go with it, I’ve had constant questions about bullies, getting lost, making new friends with me replying the same answers based on my experience all those years ago.

His fears were soon settled afew days in & im pleased to say both are enjoying it, they are no longer spending so much time under each other’s feet & im a more relaxed mum. 

As for my youngest he still continues two days a week at pre school til next year, he loves the company of children his age & I have watched this little character grow coming out with the most funniest things over the months.

 Best of all the rewards I get seeing their faces at the end of the day & getting the biggest hugs, you completely forget the hell of August.


Natalie 🌺 


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