10 ways to win your heart. 

Day 15 of the challenge, half way already & it’s getting harder by the day to think of things (thank you Google) 

I thought today should be about love as I’m in the mood. 

I’m not really a complicated person when it comes to winning me over so 10 might be abit much but I shall try. 

  • 1. Most importantly, never lie!!! Always be honest no matter if it hurts me, I deserve the truth to make my own judgements, you also come out a better person for it too. 


  • 2. Be yourself. If I’m interested in you I’ve propbably already seen this side, you should just carry on being that way. 
  • 3. Make me laugh. I love humour, jokes & someone who makes me smile. 


  • 4. Look after me. Not in a financial way, just hug me, talk to me, open up, say she’s mine!! 
  • 5. Be good with your hands around the home.
  • 6. Great sex, well of course.
  • 7. Struggling now as that’s pretty much all I need, maybe a nice cooked meal. 
  • 8. Show me that you love me, that you want me, it makes me feel special.


  • 9. Sensitivity, just because your a guy doesn’t mean we don’t want to see this, it shows you have feelings. 
  • 10. Tattoos! Ok it’s not really meant to be on the list but I’ve run out & I love them 😜


Natalie 💟


Growing old.

Day number 14 of the challenge.

I’m off to visit my Grandparents this afternoon while my children are at school, I use to have the time to visit them often but now I’m lucky to see them once a month, sounds bad doesn’t it?! Not having time for family because you’re looking after your own family.

I love seeing them, they are great, funny people full of amazing stories from ‘The old times’, life before me & it’s fascinating  to hear all about it but hard living back then. They get on each other’s nerves a little but have been together all their lives so it’s hardly surprising.

They are getting older & as I am too I’m slowly realising those people who have been the same age forever are not going to be around forever, this makes me so sad, they were a major part of my childhood & for some reason I’ve grown up thinking they are invincible! I don’t know if everyone thinks this way or it’s just me. 

One day they won’t be with me which makes me want to spend more time with them, a lot more than I do. 

It makes me thinking of my own life & how quickly it’s gone, I’m 32 I’m not past it or anything but wow seams only afew days ago I was leaving school, I’ve not exactly done much! 

It also scares me a little to know that I won’t be with my family no more, will I go first or will my husband, how long will one of us have to be alone? I couldn’t imagine life without him or my kids, yet I am ready in my heart as I know I’ll be with daughter. 

They say it’s like falling asleep & I love my sleep but forever, no more cuddles, happy faces it’s just nothing. 

What if I don’t grow old, what if I go before that stage, there are so many thoughts that I’m sure most people have had both scary & comforting. 

I hope we each experience the joys of growing old filled with many happy memories. The image of a crazy tattooed old woman with cats sat in the back of a scooter which has be adjusted to go fast sounds quite fun! 


Let’s make it a good one

Natalie 👵🏼

The best thing that happened to me this week. 

Day 13 & I’m going to share my best moment this week, I hope you’re ready it’s quite epic! 

Now remember from previous posts how life is for me & keep this in mind. 

That moment is……sleep.

Yep that thing that most of you do & take for granted I manage to get more than 4 solid hours in one night, shocking!

Ok it hasn’t happened in two days & im exhausted writing this but looking back on the week, that was the best part. Your probably wondering why, well my life is full of routine, my hubby keep me awake most nights with his snoring problem & my youngest has decided (since July) to suddenly waking me up through the night for no other reason than to let me know he’s tired or most of the time absolutely nothing, it’s madness! 

So any hours I do get are treasured & mainly mean I can have a good day the following day.

So fingers crossed for some tonight.

Night, night! 


Natalie 😴

Building our home with love.

Day 12, it’s Sunday a day of rest or so they say, not in this house! 😁 After a very long time of stop starting our kitchen its finally gonna be finished! Woohoo.

We managed to do our whole living room, the flooring, wood work,  paint, new coving etc all in 3 days, pre Logan though with no stopping really. However our kitchen has taken since March! Being a room that’s in constant use it was a case of  bit by bit.

We starting off with painting the walls & putting coving up & painting that, filler, new plastic around the windows, new flooring laid & new furniture. 

This is pretty much how it started, horrible & cluttered the middle wall was a tester of the new colour to see if it would suit before deciding on it. Before that it was a nasty lime green & chocolate which was ok if done right.


One side is the dining area with table so that was done first then switched sides, now it’s just the tiling to do today, luckily my hubby is a plumber, tiler, does bathroom installations, wood work, painting, pretty much anything round the house & has taught me along the way making it a bonus & cheap as we do everything ourselves which makes everything that little bit more special with our own touches, we have decorated every room & left our names with the date under wallpaper or paint, at the end of the day we can say we did that! 

We’ve also made an Inkpin time capsule that we put in the wall filled with things about our family, photos, currency we use, a receipt with how much things cost today & when we leave the house hopefully as very old people someone will see what a great time we had. 


I’m quite proud of what I’ve achieved today, I’ve never tiled before & today Hubby taught me, I think I did quite well….


Just the grout to go


My work is done! 

Natalie 🔧

Park Gate Plumbing.

01489 582130 

Hurricane Logan 

Day 11 in the Inkpin house, 

It’s all about my son, I’ve decided to blog my almost 3 year olds day because let’s face it, they seam to have a lot more fun with every emotion exploding in your face every 10 minutes!! 

So he starts the day by waking up at a the pretty cool time of 8:15am I know quite lucky right? Calling for us to get up so up we get, it’s the law!

Washed, dressed & fed we are ready for the day, a little over an hour in to it we are having our first meltdown over something we cannot have, this happens several million times in one day so the first is easy to get over & move on!

We head out the house with all the kids & supplies we need for the day into the car heading off to our first location, a nearly new sale to grab some bargains. Our last one we attended Logan was in a pushchair so quite easy to control however now that’s not needed he’s on foot with reins giving him more freedom, this & a toy sale do not go people be warned!!! He wanted everything, he wanted to play with everything right there along with the other two asking every minute or so if they can also have everything they saw! 

After lots of “No’s” we left with a bag of goodies, back to the car & off to the next location, to collect our new kitchen tiles we ordered the week before. 

Seams an easy task doesn’t it? Wrong!! Hubby goes in to collect Logan decided to scream about everything & anything while the other two demand to go too, why I don’t know! It’s picking up a box!  We try distraction in the form of the new toys which works for a few seconds then we’re good to go.

Up next it’s lunch, we’re right by maccy d’s so it’s quickly decided we go there & grab some food, again something quite easy if you’re on your own, however with children it’s not!

Logan then decided his drink would taste better on himself rather than in the cup, of course why didn’t I think of that! Do you know what while we’re at it so will the food!! Who’d of guess! Time for another meltdown because it’s actually not as cool as he thought!  So now the car is a mess it’s time for Dad to clear it up who’s clearly had enough by this point. 

It’s time to head home to sort the new tiles out, calm everyone down & for mum to do some housework (as everyone else in the house has forgotten) 

Once home Logan cannot wait to get his new Play Doh set out where he’s completely content for the next hour for a change, ah finally some peace, Mum cooks dinner while Dad does the tiles, for just a small fraction of time everything is ok, this is a rare but beautiful thing & in that peace is when exhaustion hits you (you being the mum not the child, he’s still going) 


I wonder what goes through his head when he’s in his own little world like this, nothing matters apart from making that perfect shape, making sure the arm of the octopus stays on, he’s amazed that you push the hat down & a fish comes out, it’s so sweet! 

Dinner is ready & because the Play Doh is so epic food will be served with it & yes I know what you’re thinking & it did happen he acciendently ate some Play Doh instead of food , he took it out of his month in disgust saying “oh my god, look!” I had to laugh bless him, he put it to one side & carried on with the food. 


What a lovely array of mess all over the living room, bare in mind we’ve been out most of day & it’s just the one child the others are in the garden! I bet he was really proud of all that. So mum has a lot of fun after dinner.

Looking back we haven’t actually got a lot done, everything just takes longer with children. 

Will be time to get ready for bed soon which isn’t too bad if he’s tired he will quickly go to sleep after cuddles with Mummy & Daddy 

Sleep tight little one x  

Natalie 🐊

Funny times. 

Day 10 of the challenge & im really struggling with ideas, My life isn’t that exciting, everyday is just a boring routine so no new experiences to write about & my opinions of things are already out there!

I’ve hit a wall, so I’ve used google for abit of help which came up with topics of religion, not really a good idea considering the way the world is right now! If I prefer to see a man or woman doctor? I don’t really care aslong as I get sorted so that’s short & sweet! The weather hhhmmm yep it’s pretty much the same most of the year here & sssooooo boring who would want to hear about that?! 

I like humour but unless I fall over or fall up the stairs I’ve not really got much have I.

So YouTube it is to laugh at others, we have found the omg cat & of course a meerkat shouting for his friend Alan! Hilarious. 

Animals without a doubt are alot more fun than humans.








My favourites 

Today’s blog is about things I prefer, the usual questions, summer or winter? Coke or Pepsi? 

Here goes….


1. Math or English? English 

2. Summer or Winter? Winter all the way! 

3. Morning or Night? 100% night, hate mornings!

4. Friends or Family Matters? Massive Friends fan! 

5. Tea or Coffee? Tea

6. Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings? Tough one, I really love them both

7. Black or White? Black

8. Dogs or Cats? I love both, I have both but I’m going with cats 

9. McDonalds or Burger King? These are hard, Burger King

10. Cake or Pie? Cake

11. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate 

12. Jocks or Nerds? Jocks

13. Cable or Internet? Cable

14. MySpace or Facebook? Facebook 

15. The Simpsons or Family Guy? Simpsons

16. Coke or Pepsi? Coke

17. Batman or Superman? Damn it!!!…Superman, only as he can fly

18. Fantasy or Reality? Fantasy

19. Comedy or Horror? Comedy

20. Pancake or Waffles? Pancakes

21. Baked or Fried? Baked

22. Countryside or beach? Countryside

23. Hamburgers or Hotdogs? Burgers

24. Salt or Pepper? Salt

25. Peanut Butter or Jelly? Jelly

26. Boxers or Briefs? Boxers

27. Amazon or Ebay? eBay

28. TV shows or Movies? Movies

29. Pen or Pencil? Pencil

30. Phone Call or In person? Phone call 

31. Video Games or Board Games? Video games

32. Shower or Bath? In a hurry a shower but love a soak

33. Rain or Snow? Snow!!

34. Pixar or Dreamworks? Pixar 

35. 30 Rock or The Office? 30 Rock 

36. Rock or Rap? Rock 

37. Ketchup or Mustard? Ketchup 

38. White or Wheat? White

39. Love or Money? Love

40. Movies or Reading? Movies

41. Car or Motorcycle? Car

42. Michael Jackson or Elvis? Michael Jackson

43. France or Italy? Both seam lovely places

44. Gift Cards or Cash? Gift card

45. Paper or Plastic? Paper

46. Santa Clause or Easter Bunny? Santa

47. Frosties or Coco Pops ? Frosties

48. Mayo or Salad Cream? Mayo

49. Daisies or Sunflowers? I really love both! 

50. Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew? Dr.P 

So that’s 50 more things you’ve learnt about me! 


Just one more……  
Without a doubt, YES!!! 


Natalie 🎸